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Elka Adventure shocks


Elka snow


Elka side by side


Elka moto


Elka atv


Elka Stg 4 BMW GS and GSA

ELKA-Shock Protector Sold in pairs


ATV Stage 3 Shocks Combo SETS


ATV Stage5 Front


SNOW 36 Stage 5


SXS-46 Stage 4




Our Stage 4 custom-built shock absorbers for Dual-Sport and BMW motorcycles greatly enhance the performance and comfort for all riding conditions while offering more versatility. They provide high- and low-speed compression damping and rebound damping adjustability at the front and rear that stock suspension lacks on some models, thus allowing you to fine-tune the ride for road or off-road use. A threaded preload adjustment (optional hydraulic adjuster) also allows you to adjust ride height for single or two-up riding, with or without baggage.  All Shocks Sold with Custom Build and Springs to suit your needs.